Seeking memories in the fog - 27 October 2004

I don't remember in my entire life enjoying Milan in October. My memories go to the times where I worked there, the traffic, the silly prices and the terrible lunches. Well, everything changes (but you).


On the topLindey at Piazza DuomoSunday. Wake up Olaf, your team is waiting for you!
Not this time. I was in Italy and the might Parson's Green was playing against Machico in the second round of the cup. And I wasn't there.
It took me a way to forget about my teammates, but the lunch was enough to gave me some new energy to clear my mind and get ready to go to Milan and show this city to Lindsey (by the way they lost 2-3!)

Now, it's funny how in different circumstances something looks completely different. I remember Milan like a grey city, with grey people, with grey prices in they fake coloured bars. But, ehi, I'm colourblind, so probably I just missed some colours around.
Ice creamsAfter the short travel (train plus tube) we emerged in the Piazza Duomo. Unfortunately the best bit of it, the facade of the Duomo, was completely covered due some construction/cleaning works. The piazza was never that colourful, probably because of the football big match (Milan-Inter, 0-0) in the evening. So many people. And so many pidgeons. I decided to invite Lindsey to the top of the church, cause I remembered from my last visit there (10 years ago) that the view from the top was breathtaking, and the particulare structure of the church was incredible interesting.
On our way back Lindsey injured herself falling from the stairs, and for the rest of the day she was a bit sore, but I ohpe the small accident didn't spoil her day in Milan. More icecream , a short meeting with my friend Eric, few drinks and a crepe sealed the day.

Eric StandaertThe evening? First, in a quite good pizzeria with the usual bunch of people, then, again at my pub, with my sister working and serving us. I know, I can be quite boring sometimes about where to go out. But hey, the prices are low, I always get a nice discount, people are nice, drinks are very good and food is brilliant. So, why not?

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