Seeking memories in the fog - 27 October 2004

I don't remember in my entire life enjoying Milan in October. My memories go to the times where I worked there, the traffic, the silly prices and the terrible lunches. Well, everything changes (but you).

Memories in the fog

My and my dadLast day of my short stay in Italy.
While Olga (my sister) took Lindsey on a shopping spree, I spent some time cycling around my hometown and the near cities to visit my Olga, mum and Lindseyuncles, aunties, cousins etc... Cycling in the foggy day was nice, even with my old bicycle, with almost flat tyres and no lights. After my short visits, I cycled around even more, trying to spot known faces in my town, but I didn't have any luck. Maybe people moved or died or just changed. I changed a lot since I moved to London, so I think that's just how life goes. The familiar elements of my childhood were long gone, or replaced, or different.

For a moment I thought how sad it was. But sadness wasn't the correct word. I had a perfect word for it, but I lost it on the airplane from Bergamo to London, too tired to store the vital information in my mind.

The world has moved on. And so did I. Probably all I wanted is just to see some surviving memories, to feel more "at home" once outside the unchanging walls of my parents' house. I could grab part of them only in the faces of my friends. And in one single kid playing football against an invisible team on the pitch where I started, almost 20 years ago...

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