Les aventures d'un réalisateur de film en France - 26 July 2005

A Weekend in the beautiful French countryside. Free wine, great food and fantastic surroundings. Oh yeah, and the wedding between Chris and Muriel.

De Hogwarts vers Tours

Waiting for the trainI'm waiting for the train, in a station in the middle of the French Nulle Part: Gievres.
Look at it on the map; it's a tiny point one hour away from Tours. Never heard of Tours? Only Ryanair could connect London to this place.

The next connection the city is in 5 hours and 43 minutes and so I'm sitting here, stealing some volts from the French Republique to keep my computer on.
If I'm lucky, I should jump on a train to Paris and then again, if I'm incredible lucky, I should be able to get my ass on a coach or another train to London.  I missed my return flight by the way.

Was it worth it? Waking up this morning after a long wedding and even longer celebration spent filming every single moment? Was it worth it? Waking up by the sound of nothing? Yes, it was damn worth it.

And anyway, traveling 12 or more hours back home, without timetables or directions, is fun. I've done worse before, so this shouldn't be so hard. If you ever going to read this article then I made it, by the way. 

Last update. I'm finally on the Eurostar direction London. For the first time I will travel in the Eurotunnel, I would be excited if I wasn't so damn tired.
After I waited 6 hours in a station in the middle of nowhere I missed the last Eurostar from Paris. I slept at the station, or more precisely outside it. For 7 more hours.
ParisQueuing this morning at 6.00 with a thousand of other people desperate to board the train in time was almost funny. I was too tired to even notice the anger of the people who didn't make it. Blame the long security check in.
They have funny faces though. They paid 233.50 euros and still all they can do now is buy some more croissants a la Gare du Paris Nord while I enjoy extra space in second class.

And it is already Monday. I'll try to get advantage of the different hour to get back in time, just like Phileas Fogg.

Maybe at work they won't notice my tired face and my smelly luggage.

How shall I start?

Chris Holdsworth, the guy who created the music for my western, and (obviously) a friend of mine, was getting married. With a French girl (Muriel) in her Chris and mefamily place. They needed someone to film it, and here I am.

Actually the work was supposed to be done by me and Guy, but he pulled out the last minute because of an eye surgery. I probably could've said something to Chris and apologize and think about something, but I made the bold decision to fly down, film it and make everyone happy.
And I needed to find a way to get rid of the post Harry Potter depression. I finished the sixth book and now the thought of waiting 2 or 3 more years for the final chapter kills me.
It's quite incredible actually. I started reading Harry Potter just to know what all this fuss about it was.
Like many guys my age, I read my share of "serious" fantasy books, and watched with disregard the Harry Potter series (written by a woman).
I gave it a chance, and now I'm addicted to it. Damn J.K. Rowling! Give me more! I need a Harry Potter fix! Oh, the movie is coming out. Nice trailer.

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