Les aventures d'un réalisateur de film en France - 26 July 2005

A Weekend in the beautiful French countryside. Free wine, great food and fantastic surroundings. Oh yeah, and the wedding between Chris and Muriel.

Ma vie est une longue attente

Well, I'm writing about this day it's 14.30 and I'm still stuck in Gievres, waiting for the train to Tours arriving at 17.50

The day afterI woke up this morning around 7, strangely without the hangover I deserved it and I was looking for, but hey, you can't get everything you want.
The family was still sleeping, so in a great act of generosity (it was the only way I found to feel less sorry of relying so much on them) I decided to avoid wake up someone of the drivers and lose my plane.

I don't like to feel like a pain in the arse and even if I was a guest and they have been fantastic with me I didn't want to try my luck and knock at their doors.  Instead I went back to L'Allamandiere with (name) who called around 10am.

Guinness in ParisI helped clean up the tent and I enjoyed a great breakfast, watching around me the same faces I spoke with just the day before. They all look tired but the joy was still there, in their eyes, in the way they still helped each other prepare the breakfast, in the slow discussions and in the little gestures.

It was time to go. I didn't want to spoil the breakfast with some crazy request about a lift to the airport, quite distant from there. I'm such a good boy than I decided to take the train. I would wait a bit, I said. I don't mind waiting. I wasn't expecting such a long wait though, but I don't mind it. It helped me find some time to writing this report. And remember all the good moments I had.

Time to go back. Tomorrow is Monday and another week in London is starting. If I'll ever get there in time.Sleeping in Paris

(Update: it is Monday Now and I'm still in France).

(Second Update: it Monday Afternoon and I'm back to work with my smelly luggage. I waited 6 hours in Gievrais, missed the train to Paris in Tours, missed the last Eurostar in Paris, slept at the Gare du Nord station before they kicked me out, kind of slept and waited against the doors of the station with young travellers freezing for the strong wind, jumped on packed eurostar 7 hours later with people staring at my conditiions and arrived in London at 8.55am. I am a bit tired actually)

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