Big Xmas life, me try fi get by. - 31 December 2005

Some Christmas tales: ode to the people I know and I like.
And, by the way, I realized I might have a slightly alcohol problem.

Santa says cheers and drinks with me. Dog talks. I think.

Whipping MeisterI don't remember it.
I woke up, had a quick cappuccino with Alessia while Mauro & Gualtiero were sleeping and then waved them goodbye. And they were gone.

Back to bed.

Xmas LunchDog wants to go out "Ooooof. Get your ass out young man. Or I sniff your ass"
Me out with dogs.

Christmas lunch. Great food cooked by my dad. Opening gifts.

Memory form the night before. My friends left me some gifts. A whip from Alessia. A proper whip. Dark and leather and all.
Xmas LunchA book named "Another bullshit night in suck city". Finished this morning. A magnetic world map.
Still on my desk, levitating between the two magnetic poles.

My sister gets an Ipod Nano from me, plus more things. My dad more whisky and a new mobile phone, with keys big enough for his fingers.

I get the first two seasons of Dawson's Creek. JoeyI'm happy, it's the gift I always wanted and I never found the inner strength to buy. Joey Potter. Never met anyone so lovely in my whole life in front of a TV, on the day channels (a lot of lovely ladies in the night channels).

I get drunk. Again. Mulled WineAt the Texas town. I go out with Vava and Max and meet in a mulled wine session friends from the last century. Weird.
Woke up the next day. More wood to be cut, more dogs food to be given to Chewbacca/Bart. He talks to me again and says that I smell like shit and this is why he's now sniffing my ass.

Meet my mum and my other cousin Renato plus friends for drinks. Out again with Max and Beppe. More drinks.

Wake up the next day. Ready to jump on the train and travel 300km to meet Alessia for a promised grappa session.

Sleep on the train.

Dream a bit. In colors. More colors than I possibly know (I'm colourblind).

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