The Wedding Chronicles : the day of the wedding - 21 May 2008

Chapter 3/4: and now you're beside me and look how far we've come.

Getting ready

Waking up in ther morningIt is very difficult to try to describe a whole day of emotions, tears, laughers and joy (the usual combination of probably any wedding day) on a webpage, in a language that is not even mine. Capturing what happened in 1000 lines or 100 pictures is simply impossible.

You had to be there to believe.

You see, I missed most of the stuff that happened around me. I was focused only on my beautiful bride Lindsey and later on our first dance, and later on some food that never arrived. Everything else was just a blur that made sense only weeks later, while watching the pictures of the event.

I don't know where to start, and probably I should just approach my memories it in the best way: chronologically.

With my footballWith Lindsey arriving only in the late morning, I woke up after a night sharing my bedroom with my cousin Renato (probably the last time in my life that I shared a room with another guy), ready to relax and wait for the events to unfold.

The breakfast at Glenburn was impressive as usual, and I spent the first hours of the day just doing absolutely nothing. I didn't have a photo camera with me, because it died the night before in the drowning attempt by my best friends, so I decided to simply take it easy.

In the jacuzziI wanted to spend some time at the spa within the lodge, and I was unsure about having a body massage or some other service that would make me even sexier later in the afternoon, but my guests decided to book every single slot available and deny me the complications of making a choice. Thanks.

Some help from Lindsey's mumWith nothing left to do before getting ready, I decided to go to the giant Jacuzzi and the outside pool and spend my time there while my friends were still recovering from the previous alcoholic night. At mid day I was still swimming in a pool considered way to cold for the local South African guests (looking at me like I was some kind of mad man), but I didn't care. I called Beppe for a quick photo shoot while playing with the football and chilling in the water, like a giant happy hippo. With the rest of the crew still sleeping, there wasn't much to do.

Lindsey in GlenburnThings accelerated when the photographers arrived. While one photographer joined Lindsey (who just arrived in Glenburn) to take pictures of her preparations, I was joined by the other one and I was invited to get ready.

AndyThe last time me and the best men tried to coordinates suits, hired for the occasion, it was a disaster and we had to ask to redo them all, because we looks really bad. Only now, 2 hours before the wedding, we finally had a chance to see if the tailored suits and jackets (and ties) were ok.

BeppeThankfully Lindsey's mum came to rescue and in 30 minutes we were all ready. It was weird to see my best men all so elegant. Yes, I've been to Ian's and Dominik's wedding before, but seeing Beppe and Andy all dressed up smartly made quite an impression.
With me as their captain and leader, we were quite a handsome team.

The photo session pre-wedding was a lot of fun. I decided to bring a football and we played and played until we were all too sweaty to continue.

Pre wedding photo sessionPre wedding photo sessionPre wedding photo session

Then we relaxed at the bar, drinking those kind of drinks that help you relax: Jack Daniels, Jack Daniels and Coke, Gin and Tonic, Coke, Jack Daniels, Jack Daniels (this is the succession of drinks I remember). While we were drinking Max, my dad, Sara and Frank randomly joined us, on their way to get ready.

With 30 minutes to go, it was time to move our bums and walk the short distance to the chapel. It was time to get married.

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