Review of Marks Park - Panorama FC - 11 November 2016

Sport Football
Event Marks Park - Panorama FC
Date 11 November 2016
Where Vets League, South Africa
Final Score 1-1
Goals Scored
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My experience at the event:

After the crazy rains that hit Johannesburg in the last week, it was a miracle that the sky paused long enough to allow us to play a game. It has been two weeks since the last game, and few days after my first triathlon in a while, and, with training becoming less frequent (being a father to a baby takes its toll, something gotta give!) I can feel this season becoming more difficult for me.

My game was really sub standard, but we managed to draw somehow. Unfortunately, no more stats from my shoes since those idiots at Adidas decided to stop supporting micoach (so it's time to find another product after 3 years...)  Back to sports