Review of Trinity Sports Series #1 - 06 November 2016

Sport Triathlon
Event Trinity Sports Series #1
Date 06 November 2016
Where Germiston, South Africa
Distance 25.75 Km
Finishing Time 01:32:01
Race Number 4004
Result 58/151
Top % 38%
Pace 3:34 m/km
Speed 16.79 km/h
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My experience at the event:

I don't think I'll be able to get back to how I was fitness-wise some months ago in the near future. Juggling work, my beautiful 4 months Finn and life has been tricky and sport will probably take a back seat for a while. I may show up at the start of races, but the training done to be there will be reduced. I wonder how will I be able to run the Comrades again next year...

Anyway, after a long break here I was starting again from where I finished: in Germiston, which has becoming the home ground for triathlons (out of the 24 I completed so far, 9 have been here!).

The day was warm but the wind was a killer. The guys competing in the full distance experience what it meant, when the buoy snapped and complicated the swimming leg. When it was our time, the course was totally changed and we ended up swimming 2 laps of around 400 meters rather than the 750m lap.

After such a long time without swimming, I struggled a lot, and due to leaking goggles, I exited the waters almost 3 minutes slower than April. I never really recovered and after a mediocre 20km ride, I didn't have much left and I completed the 5km run  above the 5 mins/km. My final classification was quite depressing (58th overall, 6th in my category), but I better enjoy the fact that at least I managed to complete it!

Some pictures from the race:

Trinity Sports Triahtlon Series Event 1
Getting ready

Trinity Sports Triahtlon Series Event 1
Main race about to start

Trinity Sports Triahtlon Series Event 1

Trinity Sports Triahtlon Series Event 1
With my medal some time later

The official photographer managed to find two more pictures of me some time after:

Trinity Sports Event 1 - On the bike Trinity Sports Event 1 - Pushing the last km 

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