Review of 94.7 Telkom Cycle Challenge - 20 November 2016

Sport Cycle Race
Event 94.7 Telkom Cycle Challenge
Date 20 November 2016
Where Johannesburg, South Africa
Distance 94.7 Km
Finishing Time 04:30:06
Race Number 22008
Result 12863/20335
Top % 63%
Pace 2:51 m/km
Speed 21.04 km/h
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My experience at the event:

After basically resting during the MTB challenge the week before, and getting injured playing football 4 days earlier, I still felt confident in a decent result for my 8th start at the classic 94.7 Telkom (who took over from Momentum) Cycle Challenge. 

The course once again had some changes. If 2 years ago they removed my favorite section (the n14 highway stretch towards the end, long, hilly and unforgiving, the place where I used to always find some inner strength and perform much better than the rest), now gone was the Newtown section, entering Johannesburg City for a loop inside town. Luckily it was replaced by a coolest section: a full lap on the Kyalami Race Track , completely revamped, and it was fantastic!

Unfortunately our time wasn't so grea. Curtis, my brother in law, decided to show up with his Mountain Bike with slicks, since for the past two years has got very uncomfortable on a road bike. But he could never reach decent speeds and he was struggling on the hills, so I simply stayed up with him and only sprinted the last few keys, just before the King of the Mountain at Steyn City.

Overall, just like the MTB, it ended up being a (long) stroll. Nothing too great, but I finished it nonetheless.

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94.7 Telkom Cycle Challenge - Just before the start 94.7 Telkom Cycle Challenge - On the Kyalami Track 94.7 Telkom Cycle Challenge - Saying hi to Lindsey and Finn 94.7 Telkom Cycle Challenge - helping Curtis 94.7 Telkom Cycle Challenge - Almost ther! 94.7 Telkom Cycle Challenge - Another one done! 94.7 Telkom Cycle Challenge - 8th done! Back to sports