Review of Varsity Kudus - 08 January 2017

Sport Race
Event Varsity Kudus
Date 08 January 2017
Where Johannesburg, South Africa
Distance 15 Km
Finishing Time 01:34:12
Race Number 1683
Result 685/1815
Top % 38%
Pace 6:17 m/km
Speed 9.55 km/h
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My experience at the event:

First race of the season, and I decided to run the Kudus Wits (which I avoided in the past years since there was always some triathlons in the same day), a hard 15km through Johannesburg suburbs.

Under a torrential rain, my start was quite decent, and I managed to keep splits well under the 5 mins/km. Unfortunately, after a long downhill, the pains in the calves (from a football injury from December) returned, and around the 5km I realized I pulled them both. I could not run anymore, but I still had 10km to complete, under the rain, in order to keep my perfect 100% completion record.

It was torture. After a good year without injuries, it seemed that my body all of a sudden decided to betray me. My split went from less than 5mins/km to 7.30 mins/km. I tried to jog when I could, but on the hard hills it was difficult for me to keep any decent speed, since the calves kepts both the achilles under crazy tension.

At the end I ended up with an ugly 1.34 (I could have easily complete it in 15 minutes less...), but at least I finished it, under a rain that never stopped, in order to receive my sad looking glass (instead of a nice medal).

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Some pics:

Kudus Wits 15km
Kudus Wits 15km
Kudus Wits 15km
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