Review of Parkun Roodepoort #256 - 11 March 2017

Sport Race
Event Parkun Roodepoort #256
Date 11 March 2017
Where Florida, Roodepoort, South Africa
Distance 5 Km
Finishing Time 00:24:07
Race Number n/a
Result 22/772
Top % 3%
Pace 4:49 m/km
Speed 12.44 km/h
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My experience at the event:

I don't really do many short and fast races. 5km is a distance that I don't really consider (the only time I race 5km is at the end of the Sprint Triathlon), but to mixed up a bit the training, and with my usual kickboxing class cancelled, I decided, on Lindsey's suggestion, to join her and her family at the local Parkrun event.

The Parkrun is a free race that takes part all over the world on Saturday mornings, in order to get people to add some healthy options in their lifestyle. Some people run to it, smash the 5km, and run back home, others just walk or run at a leisure pace, others just treat it as a social event.

Lindsey joined her family back when she was pregnant, and since then has been running it pretty much every week, with Finn inside her belly and now safely wrap outside.

I decided to try to run it quickly, but after the mass start my lungs almost burned after sprinting the deceptive starting hill in a cold morning. Eventually I found some sort of pace, and finished in 24 minutes. Not the best of the times, but I can live with that. 

I must admit I was super impressed with the organization. Everything run smoothly and everyone had some fun. Lindsey finished jest before the hour (walking with Finn is not the easiest of the jobs) and her family pretty much did the same. But I was already running on my way back home, trying to get some extra km in my legs before June...

With Finn just before the start
At the start with Finn

On my way to the arrive
On my way to the arrival

1km to go
1km to go

Meeting Lindsey and her dad after I finished
Joning Lindsey on her second lap

Lindsey carrying some extra weight for additional training...
Some additional training with Finn

During their second lap

Lindsey, her dad and I Back to sports