Review of Comrades - 04 June 2017

Sport Race
Event Comrades
Date 04 June 2017
Where Durban - Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Distance 86.7 Km
Finishing Time 10:47:45
Race Number 26997
Result 7341/17034
Top % 43%
Pace 7:28 m/km
Speed 8.03 km/h
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My experience at the event:

My third Comrads was probably the one I trained the least for. With Finn almost 1 year old, the early crazy long runs in the morning with Andy were replaced by weekends and short runs during the week.

Overall though it was the usual great experience, made it even better by spending the whole weekend by the beach with Lindsey, Finn, Andy, Kirsten and Campbell (you can check all the pictures here:

This was our second uphill run, and after a good night of sleep, we started at the crack of dawn in the middle of Durban, surrounded by almost 20.000 other runners. Andy suffered a bit in the first 20km, due to a bad stomach, but luckily managed to survive. It was a long run, but since we knew what was going to happen, we were well more prepared, and we managed quite well.

Compared to our first uphill run in 2015, we finished this almost 30 minutes earlier, super tired but also happy to see our wifes and kids coming to join us at the arrival (even if they missed us by minutes due to crazy traffic!).

(sorry for the short report, I forgot to write one last year and I ended up doing this few weeks before my 4th Comrades!)

Here are some pictures from the race:

Getting ready for Comrades

Still smiling in the first half

Still strong

On the Toyota mile with Andy

Here we are on television again!

third medal in a row

Another nice medal

With Lindsey and Finn minutes after the arrival Back to sports