The report of a very quick visit to Europe - 07 August 2009

All I need is my dear friends. And a good European quantity of alcohol in my blood, in London, in Poland and in Italy

Chapter 1. In England, London

First of all I would like to apologize to all those people that I didn’t get in touch with you for even a drink. You need to understand; with only 5 days in London I spent 4 of them working on some big projects that required my personal care. I spent my only free day, Sunday, relaxing at Guy’s house for a fantastic barbecue with his wife Melissa, their two dogs and their friends.

Guy the airportThe house Luckily for me Guy and Melissa gave me place to stay for the week, so I didn’t have to beg accommodation somewhere else (I think it was the first time ever since I moved to London in 2001 that I didn’t have my place) or to pay the silly rates at the local hotels.
I was quite glad to stay with them, for many reasons. First of all, they live in Fulham, not too far from the place I’ve lived for almost 6 years, so I already knew the area quite well. Second, their house is beautiful, way bigger than my small flat, and much more clean (well, you don’t need that much actually). The bed was very comfy and I really relaxed at night.  Third, I work with Guy so I managed to do quite a lot before and after leaving the office, and this helped to get at par with some projects.

In LondonIn LondonIn London

London in July, when it’s sunny, is beautiful. Wimbledon was on its way to a final (Murray, as Henman some years ago, raised and killed the hopes of thousands of supporters by losing in the semifinal), the Ashes on again, the weather ...everything was just brilliant.
I enjoyed doing stupid things like simply walking in the park, remembering how I used to walk in the same park to go the pub with Rob many times until 2007.
Yes, coming back here alone brought back a lot of memories. 

It’s strange to imagine that I’m nothing more than a tourist now. I’ve even tried to get to Oxford Street to buy some gifts for everyone, but my trip was shortened by the festival of freaks and weirdoes called as Gay Pride. Sorry, now apparently it is called LGBT pride (Lesbians Gay Bisexual and Transformers or something like that) but it’s an appalling show whatever name you give them.

In LondonIn London In London

In LondonTell me, why lesbians are so hot in those nice movies and on the free intent videos but when they parade they are so damn ugly? And fat? And hairy? And all of them have the same stupid haircut? Where do they keep the hot lesbians at these parties? And why there are only male bisexuals?

Yes, I had to escape and run back home. Actually I went back to the office to do some more work simply because I needed some distractions, and work on Saturday is much better than a freak show on any day.

My visit was cut short though, since I had to fly to Poland and visit my grandma, some weeks after my grandpa passed away (yes, I missed the funeral).

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