Historical (2004-2015)


2014: sport. travels. discoveries.
10 February 2015
2013: a year full of sport
02 January 2014
2012: this is what happened
21 January 2013
The Missing Year 2010-2011
28 October 2011
Glory in the Southern Emisphere
16 June 2010
White European Holidays
02 February 2010
The 94.7 (km!) experience. All on a bicycle.
16 December 2009
Ask the neighbours for a visa
17 November 2009
Lost in Lombardia
27 September 2009
The report of a very quick visit to Europe
07 August 2009
The confederation cup report
10 July 2009
The unfulfilled promise
14 May 2009
A road trip in South Africa
09 May 2009
Christmas time. That is me in the pool by the way
27 December 2008
Football tales from your favorite globetrotter
13 October 2008
One year, and beyond.
10 September 2008
The chickenpox European travels
28 July 2008
The Wedding Chronicles : the honeymoon
03 June 2008
The Wedding Chronicles : the day of the wedding
21 May 2008
The Wedding Chronicles : 24 hours to go
19 May 2008
The Wedding Chronicles : 10 days to go
12 May 2008
Strange times, between me and we
12 March 2008
A perfect South Africa
21 February 2008
The big hole in Kimberley
12 January 2008
Christmas Carols
09 January 2008
Eastern Transvaal
03 January 2008
Laughter track, please
29 November 2007
I don't have to run away anymore
01 November 2007
My Heritage Day
25 September 2007
An evening at the world cup
20 September 2007
30 days or so in South Africa
20 August 2007
Olaf, from an Irish point of view
15 August 2007
Hello Goodbye
29 July 2007
Don Olaf
11 July 2007
in between
28 June 2007
One last thing. I kick ass.
25 June 2007
An italian gentleman in New York
03 June 2007
Six Green Years
20 May 2007
The Yes that changed the world
14 April 2007
17 April 2007
What about Rob?
13 April 2007
Ian's Diner is closed
27 March 2007
Run Bersagliere Run
18 March 2007
Live free or die running hard
01 February 2007
The true meaning of Christmas is a flannel shirt smelling of beer.
01 January 2007
Now watergate does not bother me. Does your conscience bother you?
26 November 2006
Life ain't easy if you're too busy.
15 September 2006
Once again, with more feeling.
04 September 2006
Summer Nostalgia, po polsku
18 July 2006
9th July 2006, and I'm thirteen again.
10 July 2006
Pain Heals
22 May 2006
Salt my wounds, chlorined my eyes: I’m a self-destructive fool
18 May 2006
How many times can you say goodbye?
05 May 2006
That brick road surrounded by water…
18 April 2006
Blue boy I'll be a blue boy
08 April 2006
I blinked, and now it's 2006
01 March 2006
Big Xmas life, me try fi get by.
31 December 2005
The constant traveler with the unusual accent
20 November 2005
My faith lays in chicken wings
16 October 2005
Comment ca va, Grand Meaulnes?
19 September 2005
The end of a London Summer, 2005
05 September 2005
The Game They Played (and filmed many months ago)
17 August 2005
Irene, who holds forgotten memories
16 August 2005
Football is life
02 August 2005
Les aventures d'un réalisateur de film en France
26 July 2005
This July is getting colder
07 July 2005
Wake me up when the weekend ends
21 June 2005
George, all is forgiven
20 May 2005
Do you come from a land down under?
18 May 2005
Living la vida local
08 May 2005
Bye bye blue stiff bastard
18 April 2005
Morphine dreams of football fields
03 March 2005
God is wireless on Peachtree road
12 February 2005
.. but trust me on the sunscreen
22 January 2005
(my) Garden State
29 December 2004
Sport junkie goes nocturnal
29 November 2004
Kill my turkey
26 November 2004
Saying goobdye in November
09 November 2004
Seeking memories in the fog
27 October 2004
Come-come-commala, rice come a-falla
30 September 2004
The yearly pilgrimage
15 September 2004
How to make a western in two days
01 September 2004
Melting in Barcelona
10 August 2004
The game they play
23 July 2004
Ode to my sister
12 July 2004
Hearts of fire
27 June 2004
Sports played only in the (former) British Empire: Netball!
15 June 2004
There can be only one
06 June 2004
03 June 2004
A day at the (cricket) park. C'mon England!
06 June 2004
Considerazioni sparse in un corto weekend italiano
17 May 2004
Surviving London: Understanding the beauty of cricket
30 April 2004
Fading Football Dreams
25 April 2004
What the hell am I doing drinking in L.A. at 26?
19 April 2004
02 May 2003


World Cup in South Africa 2010!
A month of football and tears. So many games and adventures, and so many memories. If only Italy decided to play...
Panorama F.C. 2010 League Champions!
And finally I have a league title also in South Africa...
On the alps with the Lindsey
In Andalo, North Italy, surrounded by snow and (more) family!
London in December
Back for a quick visit to London, where Lindsey and I spent so many years...
2009 Winter Holidays in Italy
Christmas and New Year's eve under the snow wiht Lindsey
94.7km Cycle Challenge 2009
Because running marathons sometimes is not enough...
Weekends outside South Africa
A weekend in Lesotho, and one in Botswana...
Another quick visit to Italy
Mu uncle died and I came back to celebrate his life. With friends and alcohol.
Olaf touring Europe, summer 2009
Just the meister travelling in Europe, all by himself. In London, Poland and Italy
Confederation Cup 2009
In South Africa, following Italy with family and friends...
The South African Road Trip
From Joburg to Kimberley to Cape Town to Wilderness and back. 2 weeks full of everything: a wedding, a car accident, a lot of driving and even more piss-stop, thanks to our beautiful dogs.
My football final
After years of disappointments in finals, it is time to lift the curse.
European Tour: Italy, July 2008
In Italy, to introduce Lindsey to my family and friends!
European Tour: London, June 2008
Time to go back to London, and for Shari and Lindsey time to visit the city as proper tourists.
I know you will be disappointed, but not many pictures show my face, since chickenpox exploded on my body while there...

Official wedding pictures
A selection of Olaf and Lindsey's wedding day pictures!
Honey Moon in Mauritius
Time to relax in the Mauritius (all inclusive) with my new wife!
Olaf and Lindsey wedding
Pictures from the ceremony and the reception, taken from many different cameras!
24 hours to go before the wedding
My last 24 hours of life as I know.
Meet the Olgiatis
One week before the wedding, family and friends arrived to spend some time with me, the future groom
Kimberley and the big hole
A weekend in Kimberley, deBeers's domain, visiting the biggest human-made diamond mine, and Shari's farm
Christmas in Italy, my last one as a single
Time to celebrate: christmas, work, the past and the future.
Barman, bring us drinks!

Exploring the Mpumalanga
A short trip in the Eastern Transvaal, with elephants, monkeys and a lot of rain.
Heritage Day a la Olaf
Climbing a mountain with my bicycle, solving a maze... it certainly was a busy heritage day
This is another goodbye
Three weeks of goodbyes, from north to south and back.
The hot and lazy deep italian south
A short adventure in the lower corner of Sicily, with Jumba.
Bye bye London
After so many years, this is my goodbye. Pictures from the final days.
Black Belt Grading
After years of trainings, bruises and colored belts, it's finally time for some final violence in Putney.
Olaf in New York
My last trip as a Londoner: destination Manhattan, New York, to spend some time with my good buddy Ian
Parsons Green, 2001-2007
Time to say goodbye after 6 years at Parsons Green Football Club
Lindsey in London
April 2007: she arrived (almost) free, she left with a ring and a future wedding to organize. With me.
30 in Poznan
Usual weekend in Poland (for another wedding), with a new twist: I'm turning 30.
My longest non sexual relationship
6 years and many dvds (and jack daniels, and chinese take aways, and easter eggs) later, it is time to say goodbye.
Good luck, rob'stard.

Running Around Italy
From London to Milan, to Rome and then Ferrara. How to do everything, including running a marathon and visiting Rome, in my beatiful country (who can't run trains on time, not even once)
Tough Guy Winter 2007
Welcome to the Disneyland of pain.
A nice weekend in Wolverhampton running the Tough Guy Competition Winter 2007.
What an experience...

Christmas 2006
The usual gallery of flannel shirts, alcoholic evenings, animals and friends, in random order.
More jack daniels please.

Alabama and Georgia trip, November 2006
A week in Georgia and Alabama lived way too dangerously. Food, Quail hunt, risky flights, camera stunts and sport defeats.
What happened before 2004
Some pictures from the forgotten times: before this website, before 2004, after 9/12 (2001).
It's been a long way so far.

Surviving South Africa, August 2006
Going around Gauteng and the great Magaliesberg Moutains, in South Africa, with Lindsey.

Poznan, summer 2006
Pictures from a short break in Poland. A time to see old friends, play football, drink eat and swim like the old times.
9th July 2006: Italy are world champions!
Pictures from the crazy night in London, celebrating the triumph of the Azzurri!
Isle of Wight Marathon 2006
A weekend in hell, on a forgotten island
Fighting the ban in Italy
My self imposed alcohol ban lasted until I reached Gatwick, on my way to Italy...
Madrid, saying goodbye again
Three days in Madrid, with Lindsey, food, sangrias and the Santiago Bernabeu.
Easter in Cornwall
Time to explore England for the Olafmeister (and Lindsey). First stop, Cornwall and its many attractions.
Surviving Christmas, 2005
Houston, we have a drinking problem. But at least we're surrounded by many friends ready to share the problem with us.
American life in Georgia from Monday to Friday
Atlanta is (almost) my second home. With strip clubs so cheap, no wonder I like it.
Atlanta, wings and birds
I said just an old sweet song,
Keeps Georgia on my mind
(and wings in my mouth)

Tracking Le Grand Meaulnes
France, here we come. A road trip to the Loire Valley, looking for the locations that inspired Alain Fournier's Le Grand Meaulnes. And for some fine wine!
Guy and Melissa Wedding
Weddings in 2005 never stop for me. This time was Guy's time to tie the knot with Melissa, in the lovely surround of the english countryside.
End of the summer 2005
Last weekend of August: friends food and the Notting Hil Carnival. So hot I'm still sweating
Poznan, 2005
Back in Poland, to see my grandparents, my friends, some old memories and some bottles of vodka
Wine and Wedding in France
Filming a friend's (Chris) wedding in France. Free food and accommodation. Can it get any better?
Braai in July
Barbecue time. Sun, chicks, pimms and chicken.
Drink me up when the weekend ends
Drinks. Sun. 65.000 thousand people (many of them girls) and an old friend. Let's rock.
Crippling in Italy
Back to Italy, once again. To sort out some family business and brag about everything
Ian stag night+wedding
Oldest american/italian hockey/football player juventino bachelor on planet earth finally tied the knot. Here some pictures of the stag night and the wedding - 2 days later!
Back in Atlanta
February 2005. Imedia8 summit in US. And many, many chicken wings. And drinks. And peachtree roads.
South Africa Trip 2005 - Cape Town
Sun. Baboons. Mighty waves. Bottom of the world. Driving on the wrong side...
South Africa Trip 2005 - Looking for hippos
A day in some natural reserve, looking for shy hippos, aggressive big lions and other furry animals!
South Africa Trip 2005 - Johannesburg
Finally in South Africa. Where the sun is up there for so many hours, the skin burns, the animals are wild and free just like the taxi drivers and everyone has an electric fence installed
South Africa Trip 2005 - the Test Match!
Here we go again. More cricket. More test matches. And England on fire again!
A white, long (drinking) Christmas, 2004
Back to Italy, again. Just to see the family, some old friends, get drunk, and be Olaf the Man once more time. I love christmas. And I love Jenna too.
Old School in London
Vava, Max and Beppe, my old school and football friends, came to visit me in a cold december week...
Goodbye Lindsey
Pictures from the last (partying) moments of Lindsey in London.
Goodbye Lindsey... come back soon.

Tracy and John surprise wedding
Friday evening. Just few hours before my short trip to Italy with Lindsey. Invited to a birthday party to discover that the same afternoon John and Tracy (kickboxing mates) got married in the same afternoon!
October in Milan
Back again (twice in a year!) with Lindsey, to see friends, drink, shop, drink, eat and (re) discover the capital of North Italy: Milan
The Game They Play - Studio days
More pictures from the production of "The game they play".
All pictures taken the 26th and the 27th of August 2004 by Harriet Wills

The Game They Play - Outside Shooting
Last bunch of pictures from the production of the fantasy/western called "The Game They Play"
Pictures taken the 28th of August 2004 in Chobham Common, somewhere in Surrey, by Harriet Wills.

The Game They Play
Three weeks of preparation, two days of shooting. And a shortfilm, a western fantasy experiment was (almost) completed. Pictures by Guy PW, actor
Poznan, September 2004
I need a break. I have to relax after such an intensive August. And I want cheap drinks, free food and play football with my old friends. Poland, Grandma, Grandpa, I'm coming!
Sorry for the quality of the photos, I used a broken digital camera...

Barcelona 2004. Olympic Dreams, 12 years later
Back to Barcelona. This time Lindsey. I'm Lonely Cowboy no more. But ehi! That's even better!
Netball World Cup 2004
World Cup time! Girls playing with balls! Netball! A good sport to watch. If you're a man and you like girls.
Silverstone day (work) trip
Nice weather in an idle June day. Free test session in Silverstone. how can you work under these conditions? I couldn't.

England vs New Zealand Test Match
Cricket. This time is serious. They have a guinness bar!
Walter in London - May 2004
Gualtiero Bertoldi, known in London as Walter, enjoyed a two weeks break at my place.
And he still owes me £ 17.80, the bastard. His site, by the way: Kimota

Short trip back to Italy. May 2004
A short holiday back in Italy to check if my roots were still there.
US Trip 2004 - Los Angeles
La La Land. Girls, girls and a 95 degrees marathon.
US Trip 2004 - Las Vegas
Best place in the world. Gambling, girls and alcohol. Need more?
US Trip 2004 - Atlanta
First approach with the US: the lovely city of Pepsi and something else.
After watching Zoolander, and after few drinks, here we go: Derek Olaf Zoolander and Paolo Hansel Margutti