2013: a year full of sport - 02 January 2014

The Olafmeister blossomed across many disciplines! And along with Lindsey and cousins, we spent an incredible holiday in Europe

Sporting the life away

The year just ended was actually quite good. Unlike 2012 I didn't end up in prison, so that is already an improvement.

I decided to push myself in many different sports, and I ended up with good results acrosso the whole range: winning a league cup with my football team (and scoring 15 goals in a season, my new record since 1994...), finishing 2 more triathlons, the beautiful Xterra in Buffelspoort and the new Rockman X-Tri in the Vaal Dam (finishing second in my category in the process!) and getting back to kickboxing with Lindsey, which helped a lot during the year.

But I also took part in the inaugural Warrior Race,  and I achieved personal records in the 94.7 Cycling Race (by 45 minutes!), in the Tough One (finally going under the 3 hours mark) and the City2City 50km running race (completing it under 5 hours for the first time). It was a very good year in sport terms.

Obviously one cannot keep competing over the year without taking a break, and what a break it was! With Lindsey (obviously), and with her three cousins (Debbie, with her two teenager daughters, Kaitlin and Jade) we went on a long european trip in June/July that touched the beautiful island of Sicily in Italy (thanks to my good old friend Giamba), my backyard, North Italy, and London. It was a bit tiring (because of all the driving) but very exciting. Seeing Italy again through the eyes of foreigners is always rinvigorating.

I also went to London and Italy in February (due to the death of my auntie Graziella, who passed away after managing to tell cancer to fuck off for so long) and I spent a great bachelor weekend with Curtis in Durban in March, a week before he got married to Jill.

It was a busy year. It was a good year (with the sad news of Mandela dying, you know how much they love him over here...) and it had some lows, like any other year ever since the calendar was introduced.

I'm still standing, ready to rock 2014 with Lindsey and my dogs. Because another year is just another 365 days full of opportunities!