2014: sport. travels. discoveries. - 10 February 2015

It's time for the digest of 2014!

2014: it's about evolution, not revolution

2014 seems quite similar to 2013. Like any given year, I had high and lows, but at the end, the year just passed was another good year. Certain changes would have made it excellent, but things just started to get in motion now, and the results will only be out later in 2015.

So, as usual, it's much easier to actually check my always updated feed on flickr in order to remind myself what happened during the last 12 months (in reality, if you can read italian, my italian version of this site is way more updated, here all I post are yearly digest and my sport activities!) 

And then, after 11 months and 24 days, it was time for christmas in South Africa, when Lindsey gave me a gopro which I promptly used for this: