Ode to my sister - 12 July 2004

Oh, happy birthday by the way

1 year. 3 months. 27 days.

I know, I've always written the articles in this section of the website (Fistful of mails), in Italian, cause the original idea was toBortha and Sista send some letters to my friends. But this time, I just want to increase my audience, cause I want as more people as possible (well, at least more than the usual 5) to read my big "thank you" to my small sister.
She's 26 today. Or tomorrow, cause I'm writing this on the 11th of July. Not bad at all.

South Park and OlgaI left her back in Italy three years ago, and we usually meet each other, in London or in Italy, each 3-4 months. Sometimes I'd like to have her around here, but I can't, she can't either. Just like me, she doesn't have almost time at all, between the studies, the works and the sports. Oh yes, the sports.

Today I am what I am (read between the line: today I'm better, much better than what I was before) thanks, to grand part, to my sister. Back in the 90's, I was dangerously close to be a big fucking loser. I was wasting my time at university, following classes I didn't enjoy at all, surrounded by an atrocious number of guys. For some reason, my classes (they were huge, and at least 200 people were sitting and pretending to study) were always full of guys and the percentage of girls were very, very low.

 The only good things were sports (ehi, I was and I am still a good football player) and few, precious friends.
And my sister. She just awoke me. Step by step, day by day, chat by chat, in some way she was always there. I supposed to be the big brother, but my sister was, and is, always more grown up than me.

She helped me change and what did I do to thank here, back in 99? I signed for the army and there I was, few hundreds km from home, enjoying the army (I liked it) while my sister was left alone with my parents. Sorry.

Olga Olgiati, different configurationThen, back home, just like Roland of Gilead, I started to follow the path of the Beam to reach my personal Dark Tower, and I'm still following, 4 years later. So I left in September 2001 (the 12th, not bad, uh? My flight was one of the few still flying...) and I started my experiences in the Mid-World of London (sorry, I've read too much Dark Tower in the last months).
But I'm still talking about myself. 

Well, Olga, to cut short a long story, I miss you.

Capoeira 1Capoeira 2I traveled, I moved on. And I will travel ever further, and I will move ever more. But I'll always miss my Ain't we cute?little sister.
While I'm doing kickboxing (did I say already then I'm a cool green belt?), I always wonder if my sister could help me to improve my not-too-good skills. You know, she was close to be a national champion in gymnastic, and still now, doing capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts, she's much better than most of the people than spent years doing it. And, by the way, she's a talented actress. Too many skills, uh?. Believe me, she's a very cool girl.
And this letter is just a small sign of my love for her.
Buon Compleanno, Olga.