The game they play - 23 July 2004

August. 26-29. I'll shoot a short film. A western. Kind of. It's going to be quite ambitious, but I like the challenge.

Pre Production - Some information.

I will shoot this short in the long bank holiday weekend between the 26th and the 29th. At least, I'll have the Bank Holiday Monday to relax and completely forget about anything.

Two days outside, one inside, in a studio.
I'm going to use the mini35 adaptor and shoot in digital, but with normal (not video) lenses.
I'm probably going to use some green screen in the studio day.

As you probably know, filming a western in London seems a madness. The genre is probably more fantasy western than your classic idea of it. For instance, I won't use horses. They're too expensive and dangerous for the kind of very low budget short I can afford to film. I will use bicycles.
You're already laughing, aren't you?
I know, it seems a silly idea, but the rest of the movie will follow this particular pattern. Where I can't (because of budget, limitations, weather, London, politics Tony Blair or Pamela Anderson) I have to use something else. Probably the actors will be surprised at the end of the post production period...

Oh yes, actors. I have some contacts and I will try to get them to work with me, even if most of them are without any professional reference. But I need help. I need some people to help me, technically or financially or artistically. I will try to pay all the expenses, at least.
If you want to join me, just send me a message from the contact form fro more information about anything. Or click on the website I created for my digital projects.
I'm more than happy to hear from you :)

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