How to make a western in two days - 01 September 2004

Three weeks of preparation. Two days of filming. And more than 40 people involved.

My Dark Tower

Dolly It's been difficult. It's been stressfull. It's been (quite) expensive. Luke Hamill
But at the end I finished filming my short, called "The Game They Play" (look at the milliways movies website for more information). Last month was just an idea, a script, and a storyboard. In three weeks, thanks to friends, collegues and internet, I found a crew, I built a set, and with the help of fantastic actors, I have the short film almost completely done.
We were supposed to film 3 days, but I decided to film just 2, cause my crew was exhausted, and all I wanted was just enough material to cover at least 70% of the storyboard. The 30% missing? Oh, you know, editing is when the creation process begins. If the plan A doesn't work, and the plan B neither, it's time to use Plan C and start to really think about how to get a best short as possible.
I'm confident. I always am.

Olga Olgiati aka Eva JillAnd I don't want to disappoint the actors and all the incredible guys and girls that helped me to film the western. I won't.

Just some final technical info, cause someone asked me: we shot in the Amber Room studio, Battersea, on Friday. The set was built in 6 hours on thurdsay. On saturday, we filmed in Chobham Common, Surrey.
We used a canon xl1 with the mini35 adaptor and Zeiss Prime Lenses (18-200mm).  And the speed was similar of the speed of a film crew!

The final Cast:

 Name Role 
 Luke Hamill John Smith Jr 
 Jason Yeomans Roland 
 Michael Gerard Adam Mortimer 
 Olga Olgiati Eva Jill 
 Julie Hale Susan 
 Guy PW the Counter of Sourwater 
 Jonathan Clues Jeff Harriman 
 Roy Clues Mr McBain 
 Eugenio Olgiati John Smith Sr 
 Simon Glass the Counter of Pinwood 
 Ian DeArdo the Counter of Croxley 
 Kapil Komireddi the Counter of Hillingdon 
 Antonio Melchionno Sourwater Resident 
 Kirsty Balmer Sourwater Resident 
 Tracy Mitchell Sourwater Resident 
 Alan O'Brien Last Client