Saying goobdye in November - 09 November 2004

An helmet, a toothbrush, and a heart full of memories is all I have left on this tuesday morning.
Oh, and some glitter still everywhere in my room.

Boys don't cry

Heart of memoriesIf only I could clean this annoying glitter ... but I can't. Pimp
I guess I should vacuum the whole room to get rid of the glitter from Lindsey's costume in the last "Bling bling" party (where I was dressed as a very nice pimp). But I just don't wanna. Time will do its job, not me.
Ehi, it's tuesday morning. Early morning. I would say 7. In 90 minutes I will leave to go to work, and I'm still trying to order my room. It's very messy. Lindsey has left London last night, after 3 years, to go back to her family in South Africa, and how can I blame her? Down there is supposed to be summer, a 35 C heatwave, while all I can see from my window is the local traffic in the local rain in this local London.

FarewellIt has been a long last week. Probably cause it's started on Halloween, when I finally realized that Lindsey was really leaving.
In between? A chaotc Bling bling party at Emily's house, a terrible remake (Alfie) at the UGC, a fantastic movie (Finding Neverland) at the same cinema few days later, Guy Fawkes (you know, that guy who trying to blow the parliament in the 1605 created a nice bonfire festivity every year - we should thank him), and the farewell party, the goodbyes, the airport. The last three usually come together in one painful package.The goodbye window

And yet I don't feel like she's not in London anymore, probably cause everything else is still exactly the same as before. Only when I'm cycling home, on the Thames path, in this dark -everything seems darker now, I wonder why - with my new bicycle helmet, a leftover from Lindsey's stuff, I realize that I won't get any free dinner tonight. No film and food together. And no free hugs. And so I cycle my way home, thinking about football, thinking about the next match. At least I made her come to see one of my football match. And, incredibly, that time I even scored the winning goal.

LindseyKeep cycling Olaf.

I'll be at work soon. And I'll be back here even sooner, cause, ehi, life goes on and I have a shitload of stuff to do before next week. And it'll be the same next week. And so on.

Yes, as they say, life goes on. That's why I will probably fly to South Africa in January.

By the way Lindsey, I love you.