George, all is forgiven - 20 May 2005

And so it is, like you said it would be.

28 years. And in few months everything I liked ended. The Stephen King's Da

Star Wars PosterFew years ago, the world population was split in two parts: those who liked Star Wars (the 1977-1983 films) and those who didn't. Sorry, I don't accept no "but I didn't see it!" kind of answers, cause even if you didn't see it you couldn't notice in the last years all those kind of jedi-force-lightsaber-darth breathing jokes around the globe. Or at least the marketing. And you probably hate it, so you are in the wrong part of my book. Back then, you could understand if a man was gay or straight just asking him if he liked star wars. If he didn't, he was an homosexual. Everything was simpler.

Then, when the first two films of the new trilogy were released, the division was a bit more complicated: people who didn't like star wars, people who liked the original trilogy (usually aged between 20 and 120, all males) and disliked the new movies, and people who liked the new trilogy (usually aged between 0 and 19, many girls) and didn't appreciate the original one. Three divisions. No complications: if you think that Empire Strikes Back was the best one, then you hated Phantom Menace. And vice versa.

Now, in my book I have only people who think that Empire Strikes Back was the best film of the saga. If you're a girl, I would try to find some positive elements in the new trilogy, just for the sake of it.

Han SoloIn the 80's Harrison Ford was the coolest actor around. He was Indiana Jones. He was Han Solo, a cowboy in a sci-fi movie. I wanted to be like him. I wanted to be him. So far I managed to have a dogthat looks like Chewbacca.

I hated George Lucas for many years. In the summer of 99, while servicing in the army, all my hopes were destroyed, erased, cancelled in the horrid Phantom Menace, a Disney Film distributed with the wrong saga. I couldn't forgive him for Jar Jar Binks. I couldn't forgive him for the kid Anakin.

I gave him another chance to redeem himself few years later, when Attack of the Clones was released. But again, I couldn't believe how bad it was. Very bad.

Darth VaderI had lost my faith. For all these months prior the release of this last chapter, I tried not to be excited. George left me emotionally scarred twice. It's like stopping while having sex just because she has to answer the phone, lose your blood pressure down there and be asked to start again like nothing has happened. For three years in a row, every single night.

So I booked my ticket anyway. And I went with my trustworthy flat mate Rob, who had still some faith left in him and Anna.
The cinema was packed and the tickets were sold out three hours before the show. People were shouting to get a ticket. The excitement was in the air. But I did see it before. And I remember how it finished.

Star Wars logoThis time, for 2 hours and 20 minutes, the audience was mesmerized.They were cheering for Yoda and, at the end,they clapped their hands. And I haven't seen it done in many years. 28 years of history finished and started here. We all knew it. We all felt it.
Yes, the film has its awful dialogues and love scenes, but this is part of star wars, even if one of the best love scene EVER is between Carrie Fisher/Leila confessing her love for a young Harrison Ford/Han Solo - waiting to be frozen to death - and him answering: "I know". But at least Jar Jar Binks didn't say a word, even if basically he gives power to the senator to become an evil emperor in the previous film.

Back home, in a rainy night, I took out my light saber once again, and I played with it for few minutes, fighting invisible enemies. In the darkness of my room those electronic sounds and those flashy lights seemed more real than ever.