Irene, who holds forgotten memories - 16 August 2005

It's always good to go back to Poland. Old friends, old granparents, potatoes and vodka.

Friends and football. Who needs more?

With only few days left (work, life, porn.. already said why) and a terrible neck pain I tried to meet and spend as much time as possible with my friends, while looking for some massage parlor to have some relief.

I want to spend some words for them:

Dominik NowackiDominik, with his Larry David's type of humor who sometimes offends other people but it makes me always laugh. He's married, basically runs brilliantly the greatest fair trade in Poland, he has a son and a daughter, he doesn't look like a dad and he can't pass the ball decently.

Michal's socksMichal, brilliant mind, brilliant football player in the 90's - before the knee cracked - and devote catholic. My mission has always been to get him laid, but I failed in many occasions. His love to God and the Church is so strong and above his sexual feeling that just for that has my full respects.

MarcinMarcin, an addition of the last years. He married Ula, Dominik's sister and got her pregnant (not sure about the order). Good, tough footballer. Athletic kind of guy. Great barbecue cooker and vodka drinker. A perfect polish.

Szibyz, but I still don't know how to write it. Football hooligans with a son, a beer belly and love for the Lech Poznan.

Ula and MarcinMagda and daughterKasia and JarekHow not to forget the girls? Ula and Kasia, Dom's sister. The first for many years my sister's best friend (she's the only one of the pack who has ever come to Italy to stay with us on holiday), now mum and free spirit. The second has just found a boyfriend and she'll probably get married (or pregnant) soon.
Plus Magda, Dominik's wife. How she can stand the guy is beyond beliefs. Maybe this is because he doesn't drink at all, while she does. Way to go!

You see? Love the polish pack.
We used to have a proper summer football team. Other friends, most like secondary characters in a story, got married, or got someone pregnant, or got pregnant, and moved. I'm still the only one who moved away without the old wedding/kid trick!

Stadium by nightWhere was I?
Yes, I spent time with my friends. Bouncing between them, trying to be not too annoying. In the meanwhile I was still looking for a massage centre or something similar, but ALL of them that received without appointment were connected to some dodgy sexy shop. Dominik tried to give me a painful treatment, probably worsening my condition.

To alleviate the pain I decided to take them all (the boys) to the local stadium to see the mighty Lech Poznan in action. The last time I saw them was probably 10 years ago, and with the tickets so cheap (around 6 pounds) my "best mate" sacrifice wasn't too difficult.

Some ActionLech!The match was great. Unfortunately since the last time the team has gone downhill. They used to fight with the top teams, and win some championship, now they're fighting only for surviving in the top league. But in this tight game, against a team that finished in the top 5 last season, they managed to win 3-2 with a last minute goal.

Just love the polish football. Real, violent eastern European experience. To get a red card you should probably kill somebody or smash that bottle of vodka that is always somewhere next to reach on the referee's head. Great fun, great fouls, great goals.

Great evening, after all.

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