The Game They Played (and filmed many months ago) - 17 August 2005

11 months later, the Dvd is out. Finally!

A very long western tragedy

Saturday 13th of August, Waxy's O'Connors

11 months after the end of the filming, I finally had a chance to give away the DVDs of my Western shot in London so long ago. It was a great way to see and get in touch again with many of the beautiful people (crew and actors) that helped me filming this weird project in just two frantic days.

The DVD looked nice. Paolo, a good friend of mine, did the graphic for the cover and the menus, and I must admit it really looked cool. Everyone was happy to receive a copy.

The Game They Play - DVD

Yes, maybe many of them will be disappointed with the actual film, but after so many problems I was just happy to release it.

We lost some footage and what was left was ruined and we spent 3 months trying to restore it. The DAT machine was broken and the audio was ruined forever.
You can see it. You can hear it (we will redub it in September).
I had to change the story, make it shorter, a less complicated that is used to be. I love some scenes, I hate some other, but for such a challenging effort, I'm happy with the result.

Olaf Olgiati and Catherine Palmer, Art Director Olaf Olgiati and Ely Jim, makeup artist 

And the crew was happy as well to drink for free. They always are! What I really love about the DVD is the "making of", with the interviews of almost all the people involved. I wanted it because they deserved it. Without them I couldn't never have finish it. And meeting them in my favourite central London pub, the great Waxy's, was very nice.

So thanks for coming guys. Thank you for your effort. And thanks for keeping the final bill low!