I blinked, and now it's 2006 - 01 March 2006

Suddenly, nothing happened. But in my dreams, I slew the dragon.

Have a nice day

For once, two months passed without anything extraordinary happened. No travels. No crazy parties. No 20-lesbians gang bangs with free drinks. This is why I haven't updated my site recently.

Someone asked me why and I simply repeated the statement above.
What Meister, no travels? Nope. No crazy parties? Nope. No 20 lesbians orgy with free drinks? The Meister said no again. Not this time. Don't you know how difficult is to find a place where drinks are free?

Now I had some time to think about it, and I concluded that 2006 is already better than 2005.
Last year, this same night, I spent the first of too many nights in the hospital, with a broken ankle, a broken fibula, and some tore ligaments and without my left football shoe, abandoned on the ambulance.
Sometimes I still think about the poor fella. What a tragic life must have been for him since that day. What's the point of living if you're just a left football shoe? No one will ever consider you, with all that blood on you and without your right fiancée.

The football incident happened few weeks after the ceiling in my room collapsed. The ceiling accident happened few days after a long and tiring trip to Atlanta. The exhausting US experience happened a week after I came back from South Africa, the last time I saw Lindsey.

But while I was enjoying the boredom of weeks of hard work, I spent January warming the bench in my football team, degraded from team captain to team water boy.
The lack of results and trust of the team made the manager leave the place.
Since then I've been back in the team, we won every game and we're still believing in some kind of promotion miracle that just few weeks ago look more like a mirage.

The OTT group, a nice bunch of guys and girls, screened my western on a big screen on a short films night, and, although the story still seemed very confusing even to me (you know, too much footage got missed), it looked nice.
Especially the music. The guy that did the music for my film, Chris Holdsworth, is a genius. (You can see/download the short from this website).

So everything recentyl revolved around three things: work, Chuck Norris and Mick Foley.

Work is work, and it's boring and only some times exciting (especially when someone makes me nice lemon tea).

Like everyone else, I found the Chuck Norris facts and got addicted to it, and I watched and revalued all his back catalog of films. He's just one of the greatest actor. And, after heart disease and before cancer, the leading causes of death in the United States.

And then it's Mick Foley. Many of you don't know him, or don't remember him. In 1998 Mick Foley was a contender for the TIME Magazine Man of the Year title, which was to be decided by an online vote. A huge turnout of fans gave Foley over 50% of the vote. However, before the final count Time removed him from the competition. Bill Clinton won by the way.

He's a wrestler. An uncommon wrestler. He would put his body in danger for crowd. He wasn't the most talented, the one with the best mic skills, or the bigger guy of the group. But he was determined to give everything for the fans.
He wrote some years ago a great book about his experiences. No ghost writing. Incredibly honest, and funny.

Ok, I admit : he's my inspiration whenever I play football. Him, Bruce Willis and Clint Eastwood. When I play football, I think about those great guys, not some pussy modern footballer.

And this is a great video about his career: (youtube, greatest website ever! After pornliving.com obviously)

What a life, uh?