The Yes that changed the world - 14 April 2007

Suddenly, I'm responsible for one of the bleakest day in history of single women: I got engaged

2 weeks with Lindsey

In LondonAfter the difficult part, the rest of the week was quite smooth, even for my standards, but everything was over way too soon. The only constant pain was my cracked coccyx, which didn't improve for almost 10 days and that kept me either in bed or around doctors.

Try to sit on the toilet with that kind of pain.

In Trafalgar SquareYes, they were tears in Lindsey's eyes at the airport (she went through quite an ordeal to comply with the strict new rules for allowed baggage, rules different from her home country), but this time she knew that I would finally join her in South Africa, the 16th of July.

By the way it may be a shock for some of you, but yes, I'm leaving London at the end of June and start a new life in (South) Africa.

You know, life is funny sometimes. I remember just few years ago how proud I was of being a European and how I didn't care much about South America, Africa and Asia.
Moving there seemed such a remote and crazy idea. And now I have a ticket to Johannesburg, a wedding to prepare and a visa to get! And a football world cup to attend, which always helps.

On Primrose HillI took Lindsey on my Olaf's tour of London, tour that has been used in many other occasions, basically every time I had friends staying at my place.
We went to the usual tourist spots, and Lindsey tried very hard to pretend she didn't live in this place for 4 years...

Probably to thank me for the great tour, she took me on a shopping spree in Oxford Street and in Camden Town, but hey, at least I finally saw Primrose Hill, a place so famous up north that I've never seen before.
Probably the only decent hill in town, it lets you see a great view of London. I need to add it to my tour.

Gemma and LindseyIn byfleetWe attended some parties too. We went to Gemma's 30th (where I met again many of the people that took part in the Tough Guy race 3 months ago ) at some very nice restaurant, and to Lindsey's uncle John + Pam barbecue somewhere in the countryside outside Woking. Probably my first family-ish outing.
In both the occasions food was great and so the company. I had time to relax my sore back (I've been walking like a duck - or worse - for days) and to enjoy our first parties as an engaged couple.

At the musicalIt sounds so serious that is almost funny, but I kind of like the feeling. Even watching the Sound of Music felt special, since it was one of those "first things you do when you get engaged". You never know, maybe I'll get bored of it soon, but it a welcomed change in my life. My ego is happy, since it found someone who actually wants to spend the rest of her life with me.
Oh yeah baby, I feel special, just like Jim's at the band camp. And I'm not retarded.

I actually wish I could have spent more time with Lindsey, by taking her out more or generally tried to be with her. But unfortunately in the same days my flat mate of 6 years (Rob, here you can read about him ) was leaving, and I wanted to spend some time with him since I would probably not see him for a long time, if not ever.

Last romantic MealSo I had to juggle very hard between keeping Lindsey entertained and happy and spending some last nights with Xbox and Jack Daniels (and films) with the guy who shared my small apartment with me for so many years.

Me, Lins and Rob DupreeEvery time I had to change my plans to accommodate either Lindsey or Rob, I hoped they could understand my tricky situation.

At the end a romantic evening and meal with Lindsey became one of those You me and Dupree moments where I was just praying that nothing terrible would happen. Fortunately it almost didn't.

Lindsey understood me (see? There is a reason why I love her so much), and spent time with me and Rob on our last day, trying to lift up the morale.

Few hours later I was left almost without anyone though.

Olaf TourRob gone, Lindsey was gone too, and only Sian, Lindsey's best friend, was forced to spend an hour or so in the car, on our way back from Gatwick, talking with me. Poor girl.

But hey, my life has changed now. I have some things to prepare. And I have to learn how to be a decent fiancée.
Some questions are still buggins me: am I still allowed to get drunk on a regular basis? What about the tales of blood and glory on football pitches? And what about my secret DVD stash?

We'll see.

I love you Lindsey, and thanks again for saying yes.

You got yourself a great deal: the ring and the meister. It will be worth it.

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