in between - 28 June 2007

So difficult to wake up in a limbo.


The new destinationI can't sleep. There is no traffic outside my window. Window that shouldn't be so far and hidden from my view.
Wonder if I'm drunk and sleeping on the sofa, but to get so far from the window I might as well be on the doormat outside.

Bye byeIt's warm. And humid. And I can actually hear the first mosquitoes. My bed smells different. It smells, well, better than usual. A dog barks. Weird, don't remember it barking before. I don't have a dog in Fulham.

I'm tired. I was traveling just hours before. Now I remember. I open my eyes and I see posters from a different era.
Damn, Monica Bellucci still on my wall, still half-naked on that 2001 calendar.
The September picture is one of my favorite. She's naked, and immersed in water. And looks at you. Well, from my corner, she just looks outside the window, completing ignoring me. I guess that after being left 6 years on the same wall watching seasons passing by in this lazy town, you would ignore the guy who put you there.

Bye byeGuy and MelissaI'm back in Italy. Little less than six years have passed, and I'm back in the same narrow room from where I started, after the most intensive 6 months of probably my (youngish) life. Since when I decided to buy the ticket to move to South Africa, I realized I didn't have much time left to achieve everything I wanted to do. So, from January to June, I ran the Tough Guy , I ran my 10th marathon , I proposed to Lindsey , I played football until the end of the season, I visited New York and I graded black belt in kickboxing . I said goodbye to Rob , replaced for the past two months by my old friend Anna, who decided to repaint the whole place, and made it nicer.

Teo and meEssentialsthe 16th I'm off to South Africa. I need to work, and at least internet works fine. I tried to be sad, but I can't. Even after so many goodbye parties and nice words from everyone who know me, I couldn't really care anymore about staying in London. I'm a man on a mission, I've always been.

But I did really enjoy the parties, with my friends at imedia8, and with my football mates. And with everyone else who joined me for short celebrations, for a drink, for food. Thank you all!

My dad said I'm scaring him a little since the boy who left in 2001 got replaced by someone that looks way too hard and cold. I like to laugh and generally behave in a stupid way, but unfortunately he caught me right in between changes, and at the moment I'm just too focused on my next 1,2,100 steps to really relax. Maybe I should go drink with him.

Bye byeOr maybe I should take the dog when I wake up. Because is almost morning now. And it's warm. And the dog barks. It is Bart. It's my family's dog.

But I perfectly remember where I am. At home. One of many.

Let's hope that my friend will remember that I'm here so I can go out and have some very well deserved Jack Daniels. Memories will pop up randomly, and I got so many stories from the past 6 months that I can probably entertain my usual crowd even longer.

What do I miss already? The 24/7 Tesco, man.