Laughter track, please - 29 November 2007

I'll be back soon in old Europe for a long Christmas.
Time to make some considerations about these first months in South Africa

Life, now.

Olaf in South AfricaSometimes I wish I had a laughter track or a portable crowd that I can activate whenever I want. My gross and dark humor (and subtle sarcasm) is not appreciated with the same reaction that I had in old Europe.
I'm sure that if I could film myself delivering my jokes or comments and be able to use a laughter track seconds later, I will avoid the embarrassing silence or the upset stares that too often pop out in my direction.

It's the end of November here, and it's still hot.

The whole season thing is a bit messed up in this part of the world. I talk daily with my work colleagues in London or with my family, and they are all complaining about the cold weather, the wind, the rains, the grayness of the sky.

Storms in Weltevreden ParkStorms in Weltevreden ParkYes, there are some moments in the day where the temperature drops very fast, or when a damn storm hits the area (with the usual 2 hours black out that some times just drives me mad, especially while I'm working), but generally I'm lucky enough to be able to enjoy 30 degrees (Celsius, that's 86 Fahrenheit), and, when my ass gets too sweaty, enjoy the swimming pool available in my complex, only 30 meters away from my garden.

Storms in Weltevreden ParkBy hey, working in underwear is a pleasure, and if I had decent internet connection that would let me to show my world through a webcam, you would understand.

Lindsey and I are still on lovely speaking terms and are still planning to get married, so I'm usually too busy in the weekends on various duties and I haven't started exploring South Africa, or at least my region, Gauteng.
I took some trips in the Muldersdrift, in the mountains, by I want to get to the Indian Ocean one of these days (probably next year).

Less than four months before the wedding. Just a personal reminder.

The football season hasn't re-started yet. Only in the year, a year that will finally see the Olafmeister joining a team (probably the Panorama Football Club) in his fourth different country and take them to glory. As I keep repeating myself, I want to retire from played football once I reach 40, but every time I tell this to my married friends they all laugh and say something like "yeah right". We'll see.

Olaf at the Irene's raceOlaf and the ThomsonsIt's actually nice to be able to plan the immediate future now that I got my visa . We (me and Lindsey) have been looking for a house, but it's quite a difficult tasks. Even with the power of my English pounds.
We know what we want, and we found some houses in the area that have almost exactly what's on the list, but there is always something missing, and I don't want to spend the first months of my married life with a building site on my property or with gardening duties.

I simply want to enjoy life as much as possible with my future wife in this big and complex country that is South Africa. And play football again.

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