Review of Trinity Sports Sprint #3 - 19 April 2015

Sport Triathlon
Event Trinity Sports Sprint #3
Date 19 April 2015
Where Germiston Lake, Johannesburg, South Africa
Distance 25.75 Km
Finishing Time 01:28:15
Race Number 1482
Result 87/356
Top % 24%
Pace 3:26 m/km
Speed 17.51 km/h
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My experience at the event:

The triathlon season is coming to an end.
I entered once again a triathlon around Germiston Lake (my 4th I think in the same area) and I managed to lower my record on the track by 1 good minute. Unfortunately I forgot to start my trusted Garmin 910XT during the chaotic swim start (all the men, at once, from a floating start).
The water was freezing but luckily the waves weren't too crazy...

My swim was decent and I kept under 20 minutes. In the cycling section I felt actually great, but a strong wind prevented me from achieving an even better average.
The final run (this time clockwise instead of usual anticlockwise) was great as well and I managed to finish once again under 1.30.

Some pictures from the race:

All organized and ready
Getting all ready for the race

Everyone trying to get some sun before the swim
Time for wetsuits

So cold to swim
A cold Germiston lake

A cold swim
Emerging from the cold waters

My nice medal
With my medal

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