Review of Sun City Ultra Tri (sprint) - 10 May 2015

Sport Triathlon
Event Sun City Ultra Tri (sprint)
Date 10 May 2015
Where Sun City, South Africa
Distance 25.6 Km
Finishing Time 01:32:53
Race Number 149
Result 50/240
Top % 21%
Pace 3:38 m/km
Speed 16.54 km/h
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My experience at the event:

Last triathlon of the season before hiding my swimming stuff in the closet and focusing on running (I have a Comrades to do!) and cycling (after Comrades I assume I'll be sick of running for a while). I opted to go for the Sun City Ultra Tri (the sprint , short and sweet, version), in order to have an excused to take Lindsey away on a weekend.

Free entry!

Free entry!

Accomodation in Sun City was super expensive so we stayed in a lodge 10km away, which luckily provided us with a 5am breakfast (all the guests were athletes) which helped with the preparation. We spent the whole saturday aftenoon in an almost empty Valley of Waves (it's winter after all), but it was great to have some relax on the slides the day before the race.

Too early to swim...

Too early to start...

Feeling like a salami

Like a salami

The start was scheduled to be at 7, but due to issues with the traffic cops (they were late), we started almost an hour later. The problem is that the Ultra athletes, who were supposed to start after us, entered the water as scheduled, and while they were starting the second lap, the sprint athletes (including me) faced them while trying to swim to the exit point... My time was decent (I could hardly breathe due to a runny nose), but I think I probably passed more athlets on the 500 meters run that separated the swim from the transition area in the beautiful Gary Player gold course...

Few more strokes and I'm out

Getting our of the water

My bicycle ride was actually decent, I kept a 30km/h average on the long segments and I struggled only in the last 200 meters, when a hill which I totally forgot about appeared out of nowhere while I was on the hardest gear...

The 5km running lap was within the Gary Player gold course, and I probably passed most of the sprint athletes there, to finish in the top 50 in a very nice triathlon.

The final sprint

Sprint to the end

With Lindsey and my medal

And it's over!

At the end my official times were 116th out of the water, then 57th time in the cycling and 42nd time in the running for a 50th placed finish. 

Another nice medal for the collection

Another nice medal

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