Review of Comrades - 31 May 2015

Sport Race
Event Comrades
Date 31 May 2015
Where Durban - Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Distance 87.7 Km
Finishing Time 11:19:35
Race Number 26977
Result 8434/13011
Top % 65%
Pace 7:45 m/km
Speed 7.74 km/h
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My experience at the event:

Yes, you are reading that right. In order to complete the (in)famous Comrades Ultra Marathon I had to run almost 90km, staying on the road for more than 11 hours. Yes, it was insane. Yes, it was painful (especially after the first, good, 50km when I had a vomit attack). But luckily I managed to find my brother in law in the middle of the running crowd and together we finished and accomplished one of the finest results in our lives.

The race started from Durban, at sea level, to finish in Pietermariztburg, after, according to my Garmin (some data at the end were corrupted, probably too much information!)  2400 meters of ascents in total. The hills were a killer. The slow start and the humidity in Durban were killers. The crowd was great, but on the tough hills you could easily smell the food they were cooking, or the smoke they were inhaling. It was so hard. We basically stopped running 20km from the end, knowing that even at a walking pace (10mins/km) we would easily finish within the 12 hours cut-off time (after that you finish, but get no medal - all for nothing). The pain was insane. But, arriving in the cricket stadium after yet another major hill, the relieve was incredible, and seeing our families waiting for us helped a lot.

Some pictures from the race:

Zero no more
My number, with a "zero runs" that soon will be erased

The start of the Comrades
The start in Durba at 5.30

Not sure if we want to do this
Andy and I

When I had still legs...
Running Drummond

Pretending to run for the camera
Catching up with Andy

Running with Andy
Pretending to run

After more than 11 hours, we are here!
Almost there!

With Andy at the finish
We are dead, we we have finished!

My hard-earned medal
My medal

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