Review of Cinque Mulini Summer Night - 26 June 2015

Sport Race
Event Cinque Mulini Summer Night
Date 26 June 2015
Where San Vittore Olona, Italy
Distance 10 Km
Finishing Time 00:48:05
Race Number 264
Result 167/386
Top % 43%
Pace 4:48 m/km
Speed 12.48 km/h
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My experience at the event:

This is what I needed after spending almost 24 hours either flying or waiting in the Dubai Airport: a race. Beppe and my cousin Renato managed to convince me to take part in the flat and fast Cinque Mulini by night, a reduced version of the famous cross-country race.

The race was very crowded, and started quite slow. After managing to pass most of the slow runners in the first km, Beppe and I accelerated and ended up with some crazy splits until we literally stopped for a good 2-3 minutes queueing inside the old mill....
After we kept pushing looking for a decent time (without the slow parts of the first loop - there were two - we would have probably finished around the 45 minutes mark).

Eventually the official time gave us a 48.05 which was fine. I've even managed to get called on the podium in order to get a "special" prize, as the runner who came from the farthest in order to take part in the race! 

Details of part of the race (I forgot to start my watch for the first km):

Some pictures:  

Cinque Mulini By Night in San Vittore
Before the race

Cinque Mulini By Night in San Vittore
During the race

Cinque Mulini By Night in San Vittore
Just finished!

Cinque Mulini By Night in San Vittore

With the trophy
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