Review of Pennypincher Silver Stars MTB Challenge - 05 September 2015

Sport MTB Race
Event Pennypincher Silver Stars MTB Challenge
Date 05 September 2015
Where Krugersdorp, South Africa
Distance 20 Km
Finishing Time 03:40:57
Race Number 863
Result 97/104
Top % 93%
Pace 11:03 m/km
Speed 5.43 km/h
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My experience at the event:

The MTB challenge at the Silver Star casino was supposed to be a nice and short race with Lindsey in order to help her prepare for the usual Momentum MTB challenge in November: close to us, with a short distance and not too many crazy hills. Unfortunately, after a week of sun, the day of the race it started raining. And then fog showed up. And then mud. A lot of it!

We ended up taking it easy, basically walking 75% of the distance and carrying our bicycles over the muddy hills. We also stopped few times to remove mud from the wheels, since it was nearly impossible to advance! Lindsey, after a slow start full of fears and regreats, as usual soldiered up and took it positevely, finishing the race with a smile on her face, a smile that was definitely not there at the start!
Some pictures from the race:

Moments before the start
At the start

Lindsey's intelligent disguise
Lindsey ready to go

Lindsey takes control
Over the hills

Crossing the bridge
Crossing the bridge

Crossing the bridge
No problem!

5km to go, we can almost relax
Muddy tyres

One last push!
One final push

My poor MTB, covered in mud

My poor MTB

All the other pictures are here:

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