Review of Panorama FC - Balfour FC - 07 October 2015

Sport Football
Event Panorama FC - Balfour FC
Date 07 October 2015
Where Vets League Cup, South Africa
Final Score 2-2
Goals Scored
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My experience at the event:

A long season ended up in triump with a cup final won by beating Balfour at penalties. 

Second cup in three years, third in total since coming to South Africa. Not bad!

After having landed from a long European trip only 12 hours later, I ended up in the starting 11 in my  usual poisition on the right. While the running was there, the sharpness was not, and my contribution was somehow limited. The stats from my Adidas chip show decent numbers: 

Panorama FC vs Balfour FC 07.10.2015

Panorama FC vs Balfour FC 07.10.2015

Panorama FC vs Balfour FC 07.10.2015

ut the reality is that this time we won because of moments of brilliance by two of our players, one scoring 2 free kicks, the other saving 2 penalties in the shoot out. I've even managed to have my effort saved, but luckily the keeper took care of the rest!

It was a hard final. But we won. And this is all that matters! 

Some pictures:

Nice team picture

Team Picture

Posing with the coach
With the coach

Winners once again

Lindsey and I
With Lindsey

With my medal
The medal

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