Review of Cornarego vuole correre - 04 October 2015

Sport Race
Event Cornarego vuole correre
Date 04 October 2015
Where Cornaredo, Italy
Distance 14 Km
Finishing Time 01:12:40
Race Number 410
Result tba
Top % tba
Pace 5:11 m/km
Speed 11.56 km/h
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My experience at the event:

After few days spent in Italy eating and drinking like a pig, my good friend Beppe took me out on an early Sunday morning to participate in a race that was supposed to cure my hangover.

Rabbi, another very old companion from my italian football days, decided to run with us. The course was flat, but thanks to the lack of sun the temperature was ideal for a run. After a slow first few kilometers, we accelerated around the 3rd km and we went back running above the 5 mins/km only in the middle sections in the middle of a forest, were the mud was preventing any progress...

The last few kms were incredibky quick, and Beppe struggled a little to catch up with Rabbi and I in the last 2 kms. Rabbi sprinted in front of me (the bastard, didn't even drink the night before), while Beppe finished maybe 1 minute behind.

It was a great way to beat the hangover (well, almost), but the lack of medals in these little italian races was very annoying. No, I don't want a carton of milk or biscuits after my race. Give me a medal! 
With Beppe and Rabbi
The team!


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