Review of 94.7 Momentum Cycle Challenge - 15 November 2015

Sport Cycle Race
Event 94.7 Momentum Cycle Challenge
Date 15 November 2015
Where Johannesburg, South Africa
Distance 94.7 Km
Finishing Time 04:14:15
Race Number 19647
Result 9818/21461
Top % 46%
Pace 2:41 m/km
Speed 22.35 km/h
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My experience at the event:

And so I reached 7 consecutive 94.7 Cycle Challenge and got my green number. 7 years of riding (with Curtis) up and down and around Johannesburg under (mostly) the sun, with an old MTB or, in the past 3 years, a cheap cycling bicycle.

This year was the second on the new, and more challenging, course, but at least Curtis did not have the awful issues with his shoulder he had last year, so we managed to ride together just until the end, when I left him a minute behind on the last long hills (but his lack of fitness and his hernia sure did not help!)

I finished in 4.14, a decent result (still 30 minutes away from the 3.46 on the previous course), and then we celebrate in style at Hooters!

Details of the race here: 

Some pictures here:

Early rise
Early rising

Moments before the start
Ready to roll

So many competitors
Our starting group

With Curtis on the flats
First few kms done

Dominating on the hills
On the hills

Nelson Mandela bridge moment!
On the Mandela Bridge

Almost done
Last assault

Another medal


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