Review of Trinity Sports Sprint #4 - 10 January 2016

Sport Triathlon
Event Trinity Sports Sprint #4
Date 10 January 2016
Where Germiston Lake, Johannesburg, South Africa
Distance 25.75 Km
Finishing Time 01:31:27
Race Number 405
Result 35/93
Top % 38%
Pace 3:33 m/km
Speed 16.89 km/h
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My experience at the event:

First triathlon of 2016, and another great results, with the third top-10 category finish in a row. This time the final position was 1st! (35th overall), which is great, since there is no way I can compete with youngsters (and veterans) that are fitter and better swimmer than me (the main difference is always in the swim).

This was my 5th time racing in Germiston, and while I did not beat my best time (1.28), I ended up much higher in the final classification, since a crazy wind made the swim very hard for people like me. I ended up swimming almost 150 meters more since I couldn't go straight in the final 250 meters, constantly fighting with little annoying waves crashing in my faces and the long underwater plants blocking my swim action since I ended up swimming way too close to the edge.

But thanks to some drafting action in the first part, my cycling was great, finished in my best time ever on the distance. My run was nothing spectacular, but was enough to pass whoever I could. I came up of the water  81st so I managed to recover around 45 positions in the last two legs. Not bad!

The usual stats are here:
Some pictures: (I was by myself, so I did not take that many)

All ready for the race
All set up and ready

Windy and choppy
Wind and wave, not great for swimming, if you are crap 

Another nice medal
A nice medal

With my medal, after a fantastic 1st place for the 35-39 category!
Celebrating a decent achievement

1st place in my category, still can't swim straight!
You won't see that position very often next to my name...

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