Review of Xterra Lite Buffelspoort - 24 January 2016

Sport Off Road Triathlon
Event Xterra Lite Buffelspoort
Date 24 January 2016
Where Buffelspoort, South Africa
Distance 25.4 Km
Finishing Time 01:42:26
Race Number 1579
Result 108/716
Top % 15%
Pace 4:02 m/km
Speed 14.88 km/h
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My experience at the event:

My fourth Xterra (on quite a cold day compared to the past editions) saw me getting closer to that top 100 (last year I crashed and I was so far behind...) but still not cracking it.

My performances was quite impressive by my standards: 8:39 in the swim (down few minutes from last year and my best overall performance in this competition), 58.02 in the MTB (thanks to a new MTB course which was less technical, and to my new mountain bike with, finally, disk brakes and proper front shocks) and 31:54 in the run (6 hard trial kms) . All of them my best time on the leg in the competition.

Curtis finished around 20 minutes behind me, due to lack of training, but as usual we both celebrated great performances with some chicken wings at Hooters!

Details about the race here:

Some pictures from the race:

Not the warmest of the days
The morning of the race

We are almost ready
Just before the start

Transition area setup super early
Posing with the bicycle

Moments before the swim
Before the swim

Rocking the MTB
Ruling the MTB

On the tough trail course
On the run

And I'm done!
At the arrival!

Add this to my collection!
My medal

some well deserver beer
A deserved beer

The rest of the pictures are here:

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