Review of Valentine's Cycle Challenge - 07 February 2016

Sport Cycle Race
Event Valentine's Cycle Challenge
Date 07 February 2016
Where Stonehaven on Vaal, South Africa
Distance 60 Km
Finishing Time 02:01:57
Race Number 122
Result 35/113
Top % 31%
Pace 2:02 m/km
Speed 29.52 km/h
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My experience at the event:

Trying to avoid any injuries before Midmar, I decided to go back to the Vaal once again, after a nice little race in November, to take part in the Valentine's challenge.

On a perfect day, and on a fast course (practically identical to the 70km course done last year), I decided to run the race like a triathlon leg: little drafting, no grouping and mostly staying all my byself. I ended up being quite satisfied with the final results (just below 30km/h) on a very relaxed course.

Details of the race here:

Some pictures:

Stone Haven San Valentine Race

Stone Haven San Valentine Race

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