Review of Trinity Sports Sprint #5 - 21 February 2016

Sport Triathlon
Event Trinity Sports Sprint #5
Date 21 February 2016
Where Germiston Lake, Johannesburg, South Africa
Distance 25.75 Km
Finishing Time 01:27:00
Race Number 1002
Result 37/199
Top % 19%
Pace 3:23 m/km
Speed 17.76 km/h
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My experience at the event:

The advantage of running the some race multiple times during the year is that you can easily compared where you improved and how your time was compared to the rest of the field. If around a month ago, in the 4th event of the Trinity Sports series, I was happy with my 35th place (1st in the category), I was even happier when, with a doubled amount of competitors, I finished 37th (unfortunately I was inserted in the 20-39 category this time) with my best time on the distance.

After managing to involve JP (a friend of mine and semi-retired triathlete), and Curtis (as injured photographer), I was happy to finally do a race in some good company.
The swim was a bit horrendous because of the amount of reeds in the lake and the first buoy definitely way too close to the start. Imagine 200 swimmers trying to turn 90 degrees after a quick 50 meter sprint, not enough time to get some space in between the racers.

After coming out of the water (in a decent time for a 900 meters swim which I did once again on a 750m course, can't go straight), I passed as usual most of the people in the last two legs. Cycling went quite well (apart from some confusion with the guys doing the Olympic distance on the same route) but running was definitely my best bit, smashing my course (and 5km record in general) by 30 seconds.

The overall time was 1.27.00 which was also my best result on the course (on a windy day). JP finished 19 minutes behind, after coming off the water in front of me, in a decent overall position for someone who hasn't been much active in the past 9 years. And thanks to Curtis, I have some decent pictures for once:

Trinity Tri series event 5
Wet start

Trinity Tri series event 5
With JP

Trinity Tri series event 5
Entering transition 2

Trinity Tri series event 5
Running like crazy

Trinity Tri series event 5
With our medals

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