Review of Vanderbijl Prestige Sprint - 28 February 2016

Sport Triathlon
Event Vanderbijl Prestige Sprint
Date 28 February 2016
Where Vanderbijl, South Africa
Distance 26.7 Km
Finishing Time 01:24:00
Race Number 153
Result 11/62
Top % 18%
Pace 3:09 m/km
Speed 19.07 km/h
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My experience at the event:

After swimming in dams and lakes, it was a nice change of scenario to swim in the Vaal river (on a very cold morning which luckily ended up warming up during the course of the race) for the Prestige Triathlon. I remember doing an event in the same location 2 years ago, but on a mountain bike and not a road bike. 

The sprint triathlon was small enough to not have too much fighting going on in the swim (unlike olympic and ultra distances, which, with their 2 laps, ended up being quite chaotic). Thanks to the wetsuit (allowed since the water was below 23, as you can expect in a river) my swim time was actually decent, and once I came out of the water I was ready for the easy part of the race.
My cycle leg ended up being quite good, but it was my running that surprised me, with a 5km uphill / downhill run ended in 23:46, probably my personal record on the distance!

Overall it was a great race, and my 11th place (5th in my category) after coming out of the water around the 40th, just showed some decent level of fitness!

All the info here:

And some random pictures (I was by myself unfortunately!)

Prestige Triathlon 2016

Prestige Triathlon 2016

Prestige Triathlon 2016

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