Review of Modern Athlete Irene Ultra - 10 April 2016

Sport Race
Event Modern Athlete Irene Ultra
Date 10 April 2016
Where Irene, Centurion, South Africa
Distance 42 Km
Finishing Time 03:45:54
Race Number 1178
Result 273/1517
Top % 18%
Pace 5:23 m/km
Speed 11.16 km/h
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My experience at the event:

The Irene Ultra is an interesting race. One of the last Comrades qualifiers, with a 48km (why not 50???) course with a split for the 42,2 marathon. On a relatively flat (but boring) course, it was a good chance for a good time. 

After driving early in the morning  with Andy, and napping in the car, we started the Ultra at a good speed. Andy shot out and did the first 10km at an insane average, eventually slowing down on the very long (8km slightly downhill, then u-turn and 8km slighlty uphill) stretch in the middle of the race. Eventually he stopped for some food and a quick rest and I kept going.

My final time on the marathon split (the one I decided to submit), was an excellent 3:45, below the 4hrs mark for the first time in nearly 6 years. I spent the last 6km jogging to the arrival. Andy had a good race too, finishing just after me.

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Some pictures:

Irene Ultra Marathon

Irene Ultra Marathon

Irene Ultra Marathon

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