Review of Trinity Sports Sprint #6 - 24 April 2016

Sport Triathlon
Event Trinity Sports Sprint #6
Date 24 April 2016
Where Germiston Lake, Johannesburg, South Africa
Distance 25.75 Km
Finishing Time 01:23:48
Race Number 741
Result 8/73
Top % 11%
Pace 3:15 m/km
Speed 18.44 km/h
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My experience at the event:

In the final triathlon of a long series (almost a year long!), I finally had the best sprint race of my life and finished an excellent 7th place overall (after cracking top 50 in the past 2 races).

Sure, probably the fact that some of the best competitors decided to step up for the final Olympic distance race (which started 1 hr before mine) helped a little, but regardless of that, I still managed to break for the  2nd time in the row my best on the course.

The races wasn't even going to start at a certain point. 20 minutes before the official start, Victoria Lake looked like this:

Some fog before the start
Zero visibility!

But luckily only 30 minutes later it cleared and the race started with this weather:

Finally we can swim
No more fog!

The water was quite cold (17 degress) and luckily we were allowed wetsuits, which as usual helped me tremendously with my swim. I got out of the water with my best time on the distance, and then proceeded to push in the cycling, with my 2nd best time on the course. The run as usual was my strongest part, and I demolished my personal as well, running a good 5km in 23.54

At the end I knew I was going to have a good result, but it was difficult to judge because the course was full of competitors doing the full triathlon or the duathlons. And it was always nice to see my football team mates taking part in the competition as well!

With my medal

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