Review of Panorama FC - Joburg Buffers - 31 May 2017

Sport Football
Event Panorama FC - Joburg Buffers
Date 31 May 2017
Where Vets League, South Africa
Final Score 2-4
Goals Scored
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My experience at the event:

With the Comrades happening few days later I shouldn't have probably played in a football game. But the temptation is always there, and I used the league game as a practice for my running. I didn't do so well, probably avoiding more tackles that I should, but after 6 months of training it was hard to get violent on a field and risk to run 90km injured.

Unfortunately after a good 30 minutes the whole team imploded, and from a 2-0 position (I assisted the second goal), we lost 4-2 without much fight. With new players coming in and too many injuries it will take a while to find the right balance, and at the moment we are sitting at the bottom of Division 1... Back to sports