Review of Panorama FC - Randburg - 27 July 2017

Sport Football
Event Panorama FC - Randburg
Date 27 July 2017
Where Vets League, South Africa
Final Score 2-3
Goals Scored
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My experience at the event:

Finally back from my italian holiday, it was time to play football once again.

Unfortunately the last defeats while I was away confirmed what it was already in the air: we got relegated to division 2. A sad ending but this league was probably too hard for an experimental team like ours.

The game was a strange affair. Randburg dominated and scored the first goal, but then we managed to go 2-1 up thanks to my brace. The first goal was a nice volley inside the area after a 1-2 with my italian colleague, while the 2-1 was a precise shot against the keeper. Unfortunately the usual lack of fitness meant that we lost the game in the last 20 minutes.

After those idiots at Adidas decided to remove support of their micoach chip in the shoe, I found myself without any tracking tool so I decided to buy a Zepp (from here: which saves similar info and display them in a different manner (it needs some improvements in the editing areas though). So after many months without stats, here they come:

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