Review of Randfontein - Panorama FC - 26 October 2017

Sport Football
Event Randfontein - Panorama FC
Date 26 October 2017
Where Vets League, South Africa
Final Score 3-5
Goals Scored
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My experience at the event:

It seems that in this game my only contribution was a nice goal in the dying minutes. My leg still feels like it's running at half power (I have an inflammation in the nerve) and I was way too lazy tracking back. It was a strange game, we went up 2-0, I missed a good chance for the 3-0 and then we ended up the first half 2-2. Then we scored the 3-2, before once again they managed to score, and rounded up to 5-3 in the last 10 minutes.

But I need to find a way to get back in shape. My running is way below my average, and the only reason to smile is that we won a 3rd game in a row.

Some stats:

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