Review of RAC Tough One - 26 November 2017

Sport Race
Event RAC Tough One
Date 26 November 2017
Where Randburg, South Africa
Distance 32 Km
Finishing Time 03:03:55
Race Number 7167
Result 1415/5451
Top % 26%
Pace 5:45 m/km
Speed 10.44 km/h
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My experience at the event:

There used to be a time when I was genuinely afraid of the "Tough One". 32km with 500m of climbing, an uphill start, a long downhill until the 14km and then long and nasty hills until the end (with luckily some relief with a quick secion after the climbs). I used to push on that first half, and then die or struggle in the second. 

Last year I decided to take it easy (super easy) until I realized that I managed to easily achieve a hard negative split. This year, I tried the same. After a very slow start and a controlled journey until the 14th km (the downhill on Witkoppen), I realized that I was going maybe a little too slow. But with a calf still sore from a football injury, and with many climbs to go, Andy (my running bro in law) and I decided to keep an easy pace under an oppressing sun.

When the hills started rolling, Andy suffered a little (we both had very little runs in our legs since Comrades...) and eventually decided to wakk a section, while I kept running. The hills (which I know so well) never surprised me and while my final time was still my 3rd best over 7 attempts, I knew I could have done a little better, but maybe I'll keep the record attempt for my 10th run, since I don't think I'll be able to train that much with life becoming so busy (and interesting!).

I got my 7th Joburg Duathlon medal, with my 2nd overall best combined time. I may be getting old and I train less, but somehow I seem to often manage to surprise myself!

  Year Cycle Challenge Tough One Cumulative Time
1 2013 03:46:26 02:55:28 06:41:54
2 2017 04:19:00 03:03:55 07:22:55
3 2015 04:14:15 03:10:59 07:25:14
4 2016 04:30:06 02:59:22 07:29:28
5 2011 04:28:36 03:22:49 07:51:25
6 2012 04:33:11 03:22:25 07:55:36
7 2014 04:39:32 03:19:36 07:59:08

Anyway, the usual stats are here:

Pictures here:

On one of the many hills with Andy 32km hard kilometers done! Double medal for the 7th time in the row Back to sports