Review of Rockman x-tri dash - 18 February 2018

Sport Off Road Triathlon
Event Rockman x-tri dash
Date 18 February 2018
Where Cradle Moon Lodge, South Africa
Distance 30 Km
Finishing Time 03:09:36
Race Number 2053
Result 184/257
Top % 72%
Pace 6:19 m/km
Speed 9.49 km/h
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My experience at the event:

Maybe starting a offroad triathlon 24 hours after removing my moon boot (after 5 weeks for mending a broken metatarsal) wasn't a great idea. But with an important football game the day after, I really wanted to check if my foot was fine. Good news: it was. Bad news: the body forgot how to do sport!

In a very hot (and long day), the swim turned out to be the most pleasurable experience of the three events. In a crowded wet start i stayed way in the back, coming out of the water in the last group, but with some sort of energies left for the mountain bike ride. Unfortunately a month without doing any exercise took its tall quite early in another crowded segment (at least for the first 4/5 km, the new system to scan in transition - on the right wrist instead of the ankle - wasn't really a great idea since it created bottle necks due to the fact that you had to physically swipe it 10 cm from the main sensor...). I cramped quite quickly and my energies dissolved over a gruelling 23km one-track (with way too many technical elements) ride.

Once I got finally to the run, I was almost done. My legs got heavy, my muscles tried to remember how to contract but eventually I spent more time walking in what ended up to be by far my slowest triathlon ever (only once I've finished in a worst %). But most of it was expected, there was no way I could recover so quickly. Curtis ended up having a much better race than me finishing around 15 minutes ahead.

Stats from the race here:

Some pictures:

Arrival at Cradle Moon

The transition area

Almost ready

Time to go

Getting busy

On the MTB

Dead at arrival

A hard fought medal

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