Review of Florida Albion FC - Panorama FC - 21 November 2018

Sport Football
Event Florida Albion FC - Panorama FC
Date 21 November 2018
Where Vets League, South Africa
Final Score 1-2
Goals Scored
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My experience at the event:

Well, this 2018 surely has been challening. After breaking my foot in January, I managed to recover (almost) in order to complete the Comrades and score some goals. I visited the hospital again in July (concussion) and once again I was up on my feet ready for the busy summer ahead of me. But after falling at home here I was again, at the hospital, with a broken hand.
A broken hand after falling in the garden... A broken hand after falling in the garden...
ANother month out and with the Summer league back in the swing, I had to wait three weeks before debuting. We played away at Florida (a difficult ground) and somehow I managed to score an easy tap-in for the winning goal (I was happy with my general fitness level, less with my passing, but it will all come back to me eventually...)

Here is some stats:

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