Review of Panorama FC - CS Maritimo - 18 March 2019

Sport Football
Event Panorama FC - CS Maritimo
Date 18 March 2019
Where Vets League Cup - Semi Finals, South Africa
Final Score 1-0
Goals Scored
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My experience at the event:

Well that was an intense game. A cup semifinal against a team we constantly beat in the league ended up being a contest where it seemed like we couldn't score for 90 minutes. We had multiple chances and we scored at the last minute from a free kick, winning the game and reaching the first cup final since 2016. 

Even with only 48 hours recovery after my ultra marathon the saturday before, I felt decent, didn't do much up front but I mostly helped in defense. My broken toenails though prevented me from trying anything powerful with my shooting...

But a win is a win!

Usual stats from the chip:
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