Review of Om Die Dam - 15 March 2019

Sport Race
Event Om Die Dam
Date 15 March 2019
Where Hartbeespoort, South Africa
Distance 50 Km
Finishing Time 05:03:08
Race Number 4642
Result 839/3279
Top % 26%
Pace 6:04 m/km
Speed 9.9 km/h
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My experience at the event:

I haven't run this event in 2 years, and the new course seemed ideal for a decent time. With the running direction changed to counterclockwise, the major hill and breaking point of many souls (Saartjiies Nek) showed up quite early in the race, around the 15km, when legs were still strong. And instead of the steep hill with gentle descent behind it, we had a gentle ascent and a steep downhill. The rest of course, apart from the start in a new location (that took me 1 hour driving around to find a parking spot, 4km from the start...), was very familiary, with a nice change of scenario by the fact that we were running in the other direction.
So most places that I never really noticed in the early start were now available to see under the hot sun running against a re-opened traffic... 

At the end, after 47km, probably the last 3 km uphill were the only hard element of the race, but thanks to the fact that I parked around there and I had to walk them at 5am, I remember to save same energies and easily pass more runners there than anywhere else...

I was also surprised by my time, a very decent 5.03 after a slow and safe start. I haven't trained more than 5km per session due to various injuries, and it was nice to feel good on the road once again. This was also my best time at the race (I finished 4 of them, all around the 5.03-5.04 mark)

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And here are some pictures:
An early start

Passing the Dam Wall

Those long hills at the end...

Almost done

The finish line

Another ultra completed

Another medal for the collection

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